Requesting advice on multi-threaded matplotlib session + grids displaying data


I am fairly new to matplotlib in particular and using gui's in general and
don't have much experience yet with threading. From a python command
prompt, I want to be able to use python to create and work with data sets,
while simultaneously be able to chart the data with matplotlib. Since I
would like to display more than one matplotlib chart at a time, I presume
this involves working with threads. Furthermore, I would like to also
display the data sets in a grid-like table, and since I want to see more
than one such grid-like table at a time (and of course see grid-like tables
and matplotlib charts at the same time too), I think this will also involve

I am currently pretty comfortable using matplotlib, though I don't yet know
how to plot a chart and get the python cursor back to do more work and
interact with the chart dynamically.

I know wxpython has a grid-like table for displaying data called wx.grid. I
was hoping to be able to use matplotlib in a threaded manner and also use
these wx.grid widgets to display data in a threaded manner from the same
python session. How complicated is it to accomplish this kind of

Since the threading example uses pygtk, is pygtk the best
way to create multiple, threaded plots from a python prompt and interact
with them while also doing data manipulation at the python prompt?

If pygtk is the best/easiest way to create threaded matplotlib plots, is it
possible/desirable to utilize threaded wx.grids in the same session, or
should I stick with whatever grid-like table is provided by pygtk in order
for the grids to play nice with the charts (ie, keep all threaded gui
objects to be pygtk widgets)?

Is it not possible to use python's thread or queue module to do most of the
work here, instead of utilizing pygtk threads or wxpython threads? Why cant
I just create any new gui object (whether a matplotlib chart or some kind of
grid-like table of data) in a new python thread?

Thanks vm for your help.