Remove triple ellipses from community welcome message

As a quick preamble: The rules of punctuation on the internet are insane and unfair. I didn’t make them, but nonetheless I’m sorry for the minefield they’ve become.

In About the Community category the message ends with “…”

often quick-starts the process…

I’d like to suggest switching from three dots to a single period. While the current form is not incorrect, younger readers (maybe < 30ish?) will find this to be a fairly offputting ending to the message. As written the ending ellipsis implies a dismissive tone. I’m 25 and my first reaction to seeing triple ellipsis in this context was feeling unwelcome. I was then able to adjust and view it with the more traditional meaning. My worry is that for younger people this mental switch is trickier to make and that the welcoming nature of the message will be hamstrung. I’d suggest keeping the same message and removing the trailing ellipsis.

I promise it’s not just me having a pathological reaction:

A two-dot ellipsis (..), in millennial English means “continue,” or “please elaborate.” And, a three-dot ellipsis denotes an “awkward or annoyed silence,” or “are you serious?”



(confusingly this trailing … does not have the same negative meaning to me :man_shrugging:, also discourse automatically expands .. to ...)

Good point… :wink: