regression coeffiecients

I’m answering to myself on the mailing list just in case it might help some in the future.

As, someone pointed out the error is in the assignment operator:

I wrote in the code:
sum1 =+ (i-mx)*(j-my)

which does not add the values but puts them.
Instead I should have wrote
sum1 += (i-mx)*(j-my)

a little difference that does a lot… :slight_smile:

here is the correct function:

def slope(x,y):
sum1 = 0
sum2 = 0
mx = mean(x)
my = mean(y)
for i,j in zip(x,y):

    sum1 += (i-mx)*(j-my)
    print sum1
    sum2 += (i-mx)**2   
slope = sum1/sum2
return slope

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