? RE Updating plots dynamically and GUI freezing

I have 5 plots in one window that I am updating

    > dynamically and the GUI starts to freeze. Each of the
    > plots has its own timeout. Is there a better way of
    > doing this or can I put the plots on different threads?

    > Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Melissa,

You may look into doing an idle_add instead of a timeout_add. The
former only draws when the processor is idle. Perhaps it is taking
you longer to draw than the frequency that you are calling the draw
functions with the timer, getting you into trouble.

Also, you had asked earlier about one canvas with many axes versus
many canvases embedded in GTK and my answer was it "it depends on
layout considerations". Now that I see better what you are trying to
do, I'd like to add that it will likely be more efficient to
dynamically update several axes on the same canvas than to separately
update many canvases.

def myfunc(*args):
   # update all the figures and draw
   return gtk.TRUE