"quiver" and other vector plots

Hi folks,

I frequently need to make a vector plot that shows (dx,dy) displacements from a set of (x,y) points. "Quiver" doesn't seem to do quite what I want, although maybe I just can't figure out how to use it.

Anyhow here is a function I wrote to do what I want using the pylab interface, in case it can be cleaned up and incorporated into matplotlib for general use.

def vectorplot(x,y,dx,dy,scale=1):
    """ Generate a vector plot with lines emanating from the (x,y)
    points that represent the (dx,dy) displacement at each point.

    @param scale: Multiply (dx,dy) by this factor to make the displacements
    more visible

    @return: (cell_handle, displacement_handle) which can be used
    to pass to "legend"


    #loop through to make the plots
    for i in range(len(x)):
                     label='shifts [* %4.1f]'%scale)

    #then overplot the origin points in a different color

    return (chandle,dhandle)

Vicki Laidler