question on annotating subplot / size of markers


I was wondering if it would be possible to draw a
vertical line in a subplot, in such a way that the
line exactly covers top to bottom of the subplot, say
- if the subplot has a height of 80 points, the
vertical line's length will be 80 points. Also, this
vertical line may have an horizontal line that starts
from it for a given length. like this |-------------;

being the vertical line and ------------ being the

horizontal line.

Is there any way to implement this in Matplotlib. It'd
also be nice to have a text annotating the horizontal
and vertical line, something like this:


  > > >
  >annotation1 |---------------------------- |
  > > >
  > > >
  > > >


There likely will be 3-4 subplots like the above in a
figure. The 3-4 subplots contain a plot of some data.
In effect, it is like placing an annotation on the
subplot data with a marker that illustrates the data
position where the annotation is, and the length of
the marker that specifies how long the portion of data
on the plot the annotation runs.

Here's a snippet I wrote, but it doesn't cover the
height of the subplot fully, it takes xycoords as

xy=(locn,ytextlocn), xycoords='data', color='brown',
markerprops=dict(marker='|', markerfacecolor='black',
markersize=94, markeredgecolor='black',
= 2),

  self.axes.annotate("annotation1", xy=(locn,
ytextlocn), xycoords='data', color='brown',
markeredgecolor='black', markeredgewidth = 2),
horizontalalignment='right', verticalalignment='top',

What could be the best way to avoid annotations from
overlapping in the plot?

I guess this is kind of a complicated question. Please
let me know if I wasn't sufficiently clear. I'm new to
Mpl, and I may have overlooked something, or I may be
doing something wrong.

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