question about legends

I have a main routine that calls a subroutine twice. In the

    > subroutine, a plot is drawn. If the active figure is the
    > same, both plots are shown at the same time in the same
    > figure. The problem is that both plots have legends, and it
    > appears as if a figure can only have one legend, so one of
    > the legends is overwritten (the first). The question is,
    > what is the best way to get the legends to be appended so
    > that all graph lines have legends.

I don't really understand what your problem is, but I have a few

For "figure legends" you want to use the figlegend command, as opposed
to axes legends which use the legend command. You can have an
arbitrary number of figure legends on the same figure.

However, there is a bug in the figure legend code in matplotlib-0.54.2
that Jim Benson discovered. In matplotlib/, you need to
replace the line that reads

        l = Legend(handles, labels, loc)


        l = Legend(self, handles, labels, loc)

If you have more troubles, please post some code as that might help me
understand what you are trying to do.



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