Qt4 backend improvements

In most cases the window containing a figure will be resizable, and the
graph will adjust itself accordingly. Rendering onto a scrollable canvas
wouldn't be very useful because you see the data without seeing the axes,
which is probably not what you want.

What is more of a concern is whether you want to see two figures at
once (side by side) or whether you want to focus in on one figure to
the exclusion of the others. Even for the same dataset, you will want
to switch between these modes of viewing. This would seem to require
a notion of 'figure groups' in the pylab interface to control which
window the figure would be created in, combined with eclipse-like
'tearable tabs' so you can rearrange the figures however you want.

   - Paul


On Sun, Jan 27, 2008 at 11:43:16AM -0500, Darren Dale wrote:

He also asked if it would be a good idea to render multiple figures into a tab
widget instead of creating multiple windows. Its an interesting idea, but
since the size of each figure may vary, it would mean each figure would have
to be rendered into a scrollable area. That might be a useful thing to do in
general, because we could then render figures that are larger than the
screen, but then we would need a new way to change the size of the canvas
because it wouldn't be coupled with the size of the window like it is now.
Maybe this is too disruptive a change.