pywcsgrid2 0.1a : matplotlib with astronomical fits images


pywcsgrid2 is my personal project to display astronomical fits images
using matplotlib.
While there are other tools, my approach is to extend the capability
of the matplolib, rather than building something new on top of the
matplotlib. It provides a custom Axes class (derived from the
matplotlib's original Axes) whose main functionality improvement is to
draw ticks, ticklabels, and grids in an appropriate sky coordinate.

This is a more like a development release. It currently requires the
"svn" version of the matplotlib as it is heavily based on the
axes_grid toolkit.
It also requires the kapteyn package
( And it is only supported
in linux and mac os X.

Home page :

Overview doc. :

Unfortunately, the code is documented rather sparsely (with poor
english), but I hope the above overview gives enough idea on how to

pywcsgrid2 is still in development, and there will be bug fixes and
improvements. While a downloadable tar file is available, it is
recommended to use the git repository.

For questions, bug reports or feature suggestions, please email me or
use the issue tracker in the github.