Pyplot multiple graph but in different times

As I’m a “advanced” beginner, I’m not really sure how can be done. I seen more tutorials about multiple graph in the same figure(is it the right expression?) BUT all of them made from “static” data and in once off. I’d like to use in my profession (electronics) along with other libraries, however in my case one graph be created by measurements then the second (then 3rd, then 4th) be created later on by another measurement cycles, so the 1st graph be the “reference” and the others are for comparison to the reference.
What I guess, I need to create a canvas by tkinter and put the pyplot onto this canvas along with certain buttons. I’m a bit confused because in this case I have to have a mixture of static plot (reference) and live animated plot(s). Animated plot(s) because the 2nd (3rd, 4th etc.) curve be recorded step by step in “live” and every curve be recorded in a different run.
I don’t need a snippet just pointing to the right direction how can be done, what libraries I have to apply etc so the theory.
(I’m not native english as can be seen)

Hi. I’m confused about what you’re aiming for. Perhaps you could explain what you want to end up with, and some limits about what that is not? You might find that your use case is so specific that there is no complete guide. Here are a few ways I could understand what you’re saying, and I guess multiple of these might be put together?

  • You want to embed an animation or interactive graph in a widget.

  • You have a mixed series of static, animated, and/or interactive plots.

  • You want side by side plots, some static, some animated, some interactive.

  • I’m unclear what you mean about using a reference graph that others are connected to. How are they connected? Do you want the user to be able to interact with your graphs to change other side by side plots in some way eg a some wave in the top left subplot, then different amplitude or wavelength graphs in other subplots?

Here’s something that looks partially relevant to you

Hi Ciaran,

Thanks for the quick reply. I cant see, how can I attach a small diagram what I created for show what output I’m expect, so here is a source to recreate something similar:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
X = np.linspace(0, 10, 1000)
Y1, Y2 = (X2), ((X2)+3)

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
#ax.plot(X, Y1, X, Y2)
ax.plot(X, Y1, linestyle =“dotted” )
ax.plot(X, Y2 )

So in my case Y1 will be say so the reference measurement, done by 1st run.
The Y2 (dotted) will be recorded dot by dot on the 2nd run. That means I have a static coordinate system and the dots are appears one by one as a measurement output, but in “live”. This is the reason why I thought animated graph what I need. However what I seen so far as animated plots are both X and Y axle created as a new data comes, so no pre-created X-Y figure filled with the data.

What do you reccommend?