Pydee v0.3.0

Hey pierre,
Wow that's fantastic!

One week ago I started (not sent) a mail that was intended for you on
I explained that the main issue I get with users I want to convert to python
1) "Hey there is so lot packages, each time I need to install a new package
to get your feature."
2) "Python is bad for my dumb users, scilab is better, when they double
click on the .sce it open the script, they edit the parameters in the script
file and run the script clicking on run."

Python(x,y) solved point 1. Pydee could solve point 2!
Perhaps I will be able to trash these ###### install of scilab!

Have you planed to integrate it into python(x,y)? If yes, an excellent idea
could be to be able to create file extension like .pyp that are python
script but that open Pydee!

Wow I had seen your pyqtshell I was really impressed by all the surrounding
Wow :wink:

Good job! :slight_smile: