Hello, can anyone give me a few pointers for getting py2exe to work with
matplotlib? I'm having some trouble. I get a warning that the 'runtime
has ended unexpectedly.' I had a similar problem before I started using
matplotlib in my wxpython applications because for some reason python
didn't like numarray. I removed all occurrences of it and replaced it
with Numeric which solved my problem. Also it didn't like it when I
imported modules using 'from'. So I replaced them with 'import'.
Although since I started using matplotlib I added "from" in my header
which now looks like this:

import wxFrame1
import wxDialog4
import wx
import matplotlib

from matplotlib.backends.backend_wx import FigureCanvasWx as
from matplotlib.backends.backend_wx import NavigationToolbar2Wx
from matplotlib.backends.backend_wx import _load_bitmap
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from matplotlib.mlab import normpdf

I am not sure how to change the "from's" to "import's" here and I also
don't know why when I run py2exe it searches for numarray ( I know this
because py2exe tells me its missing ) Anyhow I'm not sure any of this is
related to the current problem. If anyone has some experience with
getting py2exe working with matplotlib I would appreciate the help.