PY2EXE with Matplotlib and wxPython compiles but won't run???

I’m trying to build an executable using PY2EXE; running Python 2.5.2 and wxPython and MatplotLib 0.99.0

I tried using the from the Matplotlib page and although everything compiles correctly and generates an executable.

When I launch the executable I get the following error: (5.41 KB)



“The application requires a version of wxPython greater than or equal to 2.8, but a matching version was not found.”

You currently have these version(s) installed.


I can compile an executable with PY2EXE and wxPython that works fine, but apparantly somethins in the setup for matplotlib is causing a problem.

Has anyone else seen this problem or know of a solution?



( is attached)

You need to patch matplotlib (, see the bottom of this