Problems with python

~/cvs/matplotlib/htdocs> /usr/bin/python

    > Converting matplotlib.afm.html to template Converting
    > matplotlib.artist.html to template Converting
    > matplotlib.axes.html to template Converting
    > matplotlib.axis.html to template Converting
    > matplotlib.backend_bases.html to template Converting
    > matplotlib.backends.backend_gd.html to template Traceback
    > (most recent call last): File "", line 28, in
    > ? s = file('../docs/' + fname).read() IOError: [Errno 2] No
    > such file or directory:
    > '../docs/matplotlib.backends.backend_gd.html'

Are you aware that the htdocs build the matplotlib web page, which can
be found at In other words, unless
you want to edit the web page docs, there is not much need to build
them yourself since they are available online.

If all you want is the pydoc documentation, this is online at and

If you really want to build the html docs yourself, from your error
message it looks like you do not have gd module properly installed.
Can you do this?

  >> import matplotlib
  >> matplotlib.use('GD')
  >> from matplotlib.matlab import *

If not, then GD is not installed properly and you need to follow the
install instructions at

You will need to have all backends working before you can build the

One last word of warning, since you are building htdocs, you are using
CVS, right? CVS has undergone a lot of changes in the last 2 days,
particularly the GD backend, and if you have the latest CVS version,
GD won't run properly without a patched gdmodule. Stay tuned for
another post with all the required info for using the latest CVS.