problems with latest CVS as WXAgg backend on debian sarge

Hi All, On my debian sarge (testing) box, I'm getting the

    > following error with the latest CVS code, WXAgg backend
    > and numerix = numarray. I don't get a similar error with
    > GTKAgg, so I think it has to do with the WX backend. My
    > thinking is that we should fix this before the 0.80
    > release. Unfortunately, I don't have time to delve in
    > right now.

See the release notes <wink>

  Incorporated Werner's wx patch -- wx backend should be compatible
  with wxpython2.4 and recent versions of 2.5. Some early versions of
  wxpython 2.5 will not work because there was a temporary change in
  the dc API that was rolled back to make it 2.4 compliant

So basically my understanding is that early versions of wx 2.5 made
some changes to the 2.4 API, decided they were unwise, and unrolled
them to make them compatible with 2.4.

The error you are getting is one of these changes.

If you apt-get upgrade your wx on debian sarge, what wx version do you
get, and does the problem go away?

We do have the option of unrolling the namespace change Werner made
for a while, but this seems like a maintenance hassle to have to
reapply it later. I open to suggestions.