Problems installing matplotlib-0.84 on solaris 5.8

Dear all, an attempt to update from matplotlib-0.71 to

    > matplotlib-0.84 on a solaris 5.8 (GCC-3.3.2, Python 2.4.2)
    > machine failed. The error message is:

    > In file included from src/_na_backend_agg.cpp:24:
    > src/swig_runtime.h: In function `int
    > SWIG_Python_ConvertPtr(PyObject*, void**, swig_type_info*,
    > int)': src/swig_runtime.h:1128: error: `Py_False'
    > undeclared (first use this function)
    > src/swig_runtime.h:1128: error: (Each undeclared
    > identifier is reported only once for each function it
    > appears in.) src/swig_runtime.h: In function `PyObject*
    > SWIG_Python_NewPointerObj(void*, swig_type_info*, int)':
    > src/swig_runtime.h:1236: error: `Py_True' undeclared
    > (first use this function) error: command 'gcc' failed with
    > exit status 1

Try regenerating the SWIG headers on your local machine by installing
*the most recent* version of SWIG and then running


before trying to build. This will regenerate the SWIG runtime.

Alternatively, you could try with mpl 0.85 which has a new version of
SWIG headers (built on a solaris box, coincidentally)