problem with svg and eps file

from pylab import * x = arange(100) plot(x) xlim(20,30)

    > savefig('im1.eps') savefig('im2.svg')

    > open this files in inkscape and a pb appeared. The line
    > trace goes from outside the limit gave in the
    > script. This files can't be use like this in any other

The im2.svg file looks fine to me when rendered by gqview. I do see
the problem you are describing in inkscape. It is because inkscape is
not respecting the clipping rectangle. This looks very much like an
inkscape bug and not a matplotlib bug so you should file a bug report
or a support request on the inkscape project, or just look for a
status report on clipping.

    > software who can edit vectoriel format. Another problem
    > is the size of this files who are far too big. I don't
    > know how to change it. In a bitmap file like png file or
    > jpg that doesn't matter because the pixel are just
    > overlay but we loose the interest to have a vectoriel
    > format. One solution is that the user cut himself is plot
    > but it's not the good way (I think).

I don't think there is a problem with file size for SVG (I'm getting
12k for the one created by your script). There is a problem with EPS
because we are embedding the entire truetype font in the file. This
is a known bug which will be fixed as soon as we can so please bear
with us. You can set the rc parameter

ps.useafm : True # use of afm fonts -- breaks mathtext but results in small files

To avoid this problem with PS/EPS file size.

    > Thanks for matplotlib, I continue to convert some people
    > around me to use it. It's not difficult, I just have to
    > show them the quality of the plot :slight_smile:

OK, keep up the good work!