problem with numarray/pylab on 2.4

0-10 #-------- import numarray, pylab

    > pylab.plot(numarray.arange(10)) #--------

    > It does on my system with old python2.3.3 (Numeric or
    > numarray) and with python2.4.1 using Numeric. With the
    > specific combo of py2.4.1 and numarray it gives a flat line
    > of zeros. The problem is the same on all versions of pylab
    > i've tried including the latest 0.85

Though this shouldn't matter and I think Todd's suggestion is more
likely to help, you need to also make sure your numerix setting is
numarray. You can set this in your rc file and verify the setting
by running your script in verbose mode

  > python --verbose-helpful


Thanks Todd, John,

I don’t think the building would have been a problem - it showed up on
two different (winXP) machines with recently-installed pre-built
binaries of all the packages. Heck maybe it would have helped - who

The quicker fix - the numerix setting in the rc file did sort the
problem. Sorry - I should have checked that already, but it hasn’t
seemed necessary under python2.3. Doing the reverse (setting
numerix=numarray but then using Numeric) also isn’t a problem under
python2.4. Maybe its to do with the changes in the numarray array type
that are making way for scipy core.

Anyway, tip of the day: setting numerix=numarray is a good default.

cheers guys

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