Problem with IPython and matplotlib

I don't know where the problem is and I know Fernando is out there
somewhere. Try the following:

In [2]: import numarray.random_array as ra

In [3]: x=ra.random((50,50))

In [4]: x.size()
Out[4]: 2500

In [5]: imshow(x)
Out[5]: <matplotlib.image.AxesImage instance at 0x5658c7cc>

In [6]: axis('square')

After the last step you get an error dialog, but clicking OK causes the
whole session to hang. IPython and matplotlib both at version 0.64,
running on Fedora Core 2, numerix: numarray, backend: GTKAgg.

I know now that the last command is incorrect :-), but it is something a
naive MATLAB user coming to matplotlib/ipython for the first time is
likely to try.


Stephen Walton, Professor, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Cal State Northridge