... problem using tex on axes label...

Oh, thats great news, finally some success on windows! TeX

    > should work across the *Agg backends, but John did that
    > work. Maybe he could comment.

What version of dvipng are you using, Alan? I haven't tested with
anything < 1.5?


I have the version 1.6 distributed with MiKTeX.

I have found a few things.
(This is TKAgg only; the backend_ps works fine!)

Focusing on the example at

- On the xlabel and ylabel, if I use \bf I get problems
  (same for \textbf) but with \it I can see the axis labels.
  It looks like a spacing problem?
- If I delete the \displaystyle command in the title, it
  almost displays, but all the superscripts are missing in
  the fraction. If I then delete \frac I see everything.
  Again, it looks like a spacing problem?

So actually I am getting substantial functionality at this
point, as long as I avoid all bold, all displaystyle math,
and \frac.


PS Lesser questions.

- Can I do the following (i.e., is the syntax right)?
  rc('text.tex', engine='latex')
  rc('font.latex', package='type1cm')
  Will this over-ride the settings in matplotlibrc? (For
  the discussion above, I set these there, as in the example
  at http://www.scipy.org/wikis/topical_software/UsingTex,
  but I want to understand the rest of the description in
  this example.)
- I notice
  says "The tex and dvipng/dvips information is cached in
  ~/.tex.cache for reuse between sessions. Does the tilde
  here mean the .matplotlib directory *below* the home
  directory? Because that's where I find tex.cache (i.e.,
  not right below HOME). (Note: that's tex.cache, no
  leading dot in conflict with the docs, but I assume that's
  ok because backend_ps works and I am getting some TKAgg
  functionality as well?)
- Finally, should the tex.cache directory remain full of old
  cached images? Forever?


On Sat, 06 Aug 2005, John Hunter apparently wrote:

What version of dvipng are you using, Alan? I haven't
tested with anything < 1.5