Problem in with 0.98.3

berthold@...1453... (Berthold
H�llmann) writes:

(Pdb) print self._header
{'Notice': 'Copyright (c) 1999 Ministry of Education, Taipei, Taiwan. All Rights Reserved.', 'Ascender': 880.0, 'FontBBox': [-123, -250, 1000, 880], 'Weight': 'Regular', 'Descender': -250.0, 'CharacterSet': 'Adobe-CNS1-0', 'IsFixedPitch': False, 'FontName': 'MOEKai-Regular', 'StartFontMetrics': 4.0999999999999996, 'CapHeight': 880.0, 'Version': '1.000', 'UnderlinePosition': -100, 'Characters': 13699, 'UnderlineThickness': 50, 'ItalicAngle': 0.0, 'StartCharMetrics': 13699}

That AFM file doesn't include a family name or a full name for the font
it describes. It seems that both are in fact optional attributes. I have
committed a change (on the trunk, and in the maintenance branch) that
should fix this, but since I don't have any AFM files like this, I can't
check that it works. Can you check out either the trunk or the
maintenance branch from Subversion, or apply the following patch and try


Jouni K. Sepp�nen