Postscript problems (OS X)


I am trying to generate postscript output with matplotlib. I installed
matplotlib binaries from pythonmac on two different macs (both dual G5s,
one with panther and the other with out-of-box tiger).

My test script

import matplotlib
from pylab import *
title("some title")
xlabel('some unit label')
ylabel('some different unit label')

creates a file that seems to be ok but is 4.4 M in size and seems to be
broken somehow (I am not able to open it with any standard ps tools):
<>. On both macs,
savefig("filename.png") works ok, i.e., the matplotlib seems to be
operational but there is something wrong about postscript output.

On a third mac (panther, everything installed several months ago), the
script happens to be working as expected and the 144K file opens ok. I have
no idea what might be the difference between this fully working matplotlib
installation and my new ones that don't output correct ps. (The working
mac has an US keyboard while the two macs are international versions with
Finnish keyboards, this should not affect things like this?)

I also tried binaries from <>, same results
(i.e., a big broken file as output).

Any ideas how to track this down or what might be going on?


Teemu Rinne
Dept Psych
Univ Helsinki