Postscript bounding box calculations

Hi, Currently matplotlib outputs postscript graphs which

    > have no bounding box set. This means that by default they
    > fill the whole page. If you want to include several plots
    > in the same page in a document (because you generated
    > them separately, or because the subplot output is a bit
    > messy) then you have to manually crop each postscript
    > graph. (Atleast that is my experience with LaTeX via lyx,
    > Word is presumably similar.)

Hi Matthew, thanks for keeping the flame under my butt re EPS. This
is something that has come up a number of times and isn't hard to
implement. I just haven't taken the time to do it. Work has kept me
pretty busy the last two weeks.

There was a discussion on this mailing list some time ago where
several workarounds were discussed - sourceforge archives are
currently down or I'd post a link. I use the following: PS can be
included directly in LaTeX and sized



    \caption{\footnotesize Insert your figure caption here}

0.5 is a scaling arg. Don't know how to do it in lyx though.

Others use ps2eps or ps2epsi.

But I can get the eps thing done with little effort -- I already know
the bounding box, it's just a matter of detecting the extension and
adding one line of code to the PS output.

Stay tuned!
John Hunter