Plotting my data in a circle

I have a set of data which, when I scatter plot looks like in (1)
What I want to do is connect the dots to from a ring( bottom figure). However, if I try to plot over it with a line it becomes like figure of (2).

My code:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

file=pd.read_csv(r’F:\DU END\efficiency values.csv’)

x=file[‘Ebot (eV)’]
y=file[‘Etop (eV)’]

Thanks a lot in advance any help would be appreciated. I am quite new to the forum and python so sorry if I messed up any formatting usually done for posting questions

Hi, Fayaz !!!

Could you post a link to the “efficiency values.csv” ? It would help a lot to test alternatives close to that you want to plot.

Matplotlib will just connect adjacent dots so the data points in your circle must not be in an order that traces out a circle. You will need to order them yourself outside of matplotlib.