Plotting arrows in a wxPython frame


I’m using matplotlib in my wx.Frame to draw some arrows and text at a certain position. The number and position of the arrows is based on previously created data.

I do some calculations but basically it’s like this:

arrow = primer

for each primer:

draw one arrow at position y - 0.05 to the previos arrow (primer_y - 0.05).

The x position of the arrow comes from the data, which is calculated and scaled (not so important know, it’s just to now where the arrow should be at primer_x).

Everything works fine until I have many arrows to draw. E.g. in my code example the data contain 62 arrows, where 18 are drawn correctly, the next 3 are missing but the text is there and the rest is completly missing.

Does anyone knows what could be the problem? I tried allready to change the FigureSize but it’s only stretch the arrows.

Here’s a quick and dirty working example, data is included in the code:

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!