Plotting against a square colour wheel and using the back ground colours to recolor your plots

I saw a video from 3blue1brown that I can’t find now but it gave me an idea. The plot had a square colour wheel background with colours radiating out from the center. Like this but square. He was able to plot onto this back ground and was able to access the colour of the background for each point. He was able to colour the point the same colour as the following point in the data set. So if the next data point was in the same region as the point it would be the same colour. If the next data point was on the other side of the graph it would differ greatly from the back ground colour.
If you have any Ideas how to do that I’d appreciate it.

figure out how to do it
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The first part any way

I understand the main plot you mean, but I don’t understand what you want to do after.

I want to plot against the background above. But each point will have as its colour the colour of the background of the next point in the data series.
The data I am working on is shown in the attached graph. This shows each point in the series pointing to the next point in the series

But these arrows are not to scale, if I make them to scale they block out the data with scribble. But what want to try is have an arrow point in the direction of the next point and have the datapoint at the tail have the same colour as the back ground of the next point in the series.

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I’ve got part of the solution. I can draw the background and plot some data onto the background. I now needs to be able to calculate the colour of the back ground at a particular point

Maybe something along the lines of: