Plot pandas Dataframe as png

Hello everybody,

at my current work I quite often create handouts showcasing plots of data drifts using the python package handout. I have often wished for a possibility to include a dataframe or parts of a dataframe as a plot or a png image. I tried using the package tabulate, which also doesn’t work the way I would want to work.
Does somebody know if there are plans to add this feature and if not how difficult it would be to implement that, as I would love to work on it ?
Best regards

It looks like handout supports Matplotlib (GitHub - danijar/handout: Turn Python scripts into handouts with Markdown and figures) , and matplotlib can definitely plot pandas (or pandas will use matplotlib to make plots). So can you clarify what is missing?

I will try to explain myself better : Handout supports matplotlib and that works perfectly fine, as well as I can create line/scatter/bar/… plots with pandas and matplotlib. The functionality that I am missing is to “plot”/print the df table. So the actual table and not create a plot from the data, such that it looks like print(df.head())

That would be a pandas or handout question neither of which are on-topic here, but data frames have an html __repr__ so maybe something can be done with that?

I guess you’re right ! But more importantly the html representation is exactly what I was lloking for. Thank you very much Jody you saved me a lot of further time and stress !