plot_date_fill ??

Hello, I would like to use plot_date, with a 'fill'

    > style of drawing. Is it possible to do that?

date_plot doesn't do too much - it converts your dates to seconds
since the epoch and sets a date ticker and formatter. You can do the
same yourself, and then call whatever function you want. To borrow
and adapt Peter's example above.

    import time
    from matplotlib.dates import EpochConverter
    from matplotlib.matlab import *
    from matplotlib.ticker import DateFormatter, DayLocator, HourLocator


    dates=arange(then, now, 20) #Say have a point every 20 secs..
    vals= sin(0.001*pi*dates/60.0)

    fmt = DateFormatter('%D')
    days = DayLocator(1)
    hours = HourLocator(12)

    ax = subplot(111)

    fill(dates, vals)

See for more
information of tick locators and formaters. See for info on how to
convert your datetime instances to seconds since the epoch.