Pixel placement of text

Howdy PGM,
Thanks for the reply.

Could you post an example of the problem ? I must admit I'm slower than usual
to react today, and I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
I tried that:


I'm plotting a mesh. A graph of vertexes and edges. I want to put
labels on the vertexes, but I want them off to the side of the vertex
a little bit so they don't overlap the vertex marker and all the
incident edges so much. With the commands you have above, the lower
left corner of the text and the marker overlap a little bit.


is what I want, except the mesh has some dense parts that I need to
zoom in to see clearly. But when I zoom in, that little_offset is
magnified just like everything else and the text ends up being a huge
distance from the vertex on the screen.

and couldn't repdouce what you were mentioning. By default, the text method of
an axes uses data coords, not graph coords. You want an offset to data
coords, right ?

No, I want the offset to move things by a fixed distance in screen
space. I.e. 5 pixels on the final plot no matter the zoom level.

I did find one workaround just now.

gca().text(3,3,' TEXT\n')

That's good enough for me for now, but it seems like it would be
generally useful to be able to have a way to specify screen space
offsets from graph coords when drawing. Is there not such a thing?



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