pie charts

How hard would it be to add pie charts? Or have I missed

    > them?? How would one do this? Patches? Or: how many
    > coffees to sponsor it?

I've been thinking about adding pie charts. I never use them in my
own research, but I know the rest of the world, particularly the
business world, does. A "wedge" patch would be the appropriate
primitive, combined with a pie chart function that drew the wedges in
the right place. I have never used a pie chart in matlab -- I'm
curious to know what kind of patch primitive they use.

However, there is no existing patch class is particularly suited for
drawing a wedge, but it would be easy to implement using the drawable
draw_arc method combined with a fill; basically just follow the lead
of draw circle and change the angles of the arc. If you want to take
a stab at it, that would be great!

BTW, as I've alluded to in previous posts, I have reworked the backend
considerably, and can now make plots with GTK, PS and GD module. I'll
update CVS monday morning. This doesn't much affect the patch
classes, because the patch is an abstraction which calls the renderer
primitives eg, draw_arc, draw_rectangle, and all the backends support
these calls.

In any case, I'll get around to adding it myself if you don't want to
take it on (and will hold you to those coffees next time I'm down
under!), but I have a few other feature request and bug fixes in the
que to tackle first.