Picking matplotlib figures

I just upgraded mpl to the most recent CXX and I still get the segfault.
What would be most useful is if you created a minimal CXX extension
independent of mpl and see if you can replicate the bug. If so, could you
file a bug report on the CXX sf project page?

I stripped the _transforms.cpp module out of MPL and built it
separately using the latest PyCXX. The resulting module doesn't show the
presvious seg-fault problem. I.e.

import _transforms

<BinOp object at 0x9ee8fac>


<type 'BinOp'>


(<type 'object'>,)

This code generates a seg-fault using matplotlib._transforms. Note, I
also removed all the _nc_transforms() and _na_transforms() stuff.

To build _transforms separately, I needed to make a init_transforms()
C-function. The MPL code only initialises _nc_transforms() (I don't have
Numarray installed).

Whats the relationship between _transforms.cpp and _nc_transforms.cpp ?
They seem to define the same stuff. I can't see where the _transforms
module itself is initialised in the MPL code.




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