performance problems

I'm having pretty serious performance problems using the

    > wxpython backend. On linux, it takes about 1-2 seconds to
    > render a small window with 1000 data points. On my mac
    > laptop, it takes about three times as long.

    > I've verified that interactive mode is off, antialiasing
    > is disabled, and the machine is otherwise idle. I'm using:

    > matplotlib 0.82 wxwindows numeric 23.8

    > Profiling shows that all the time is being sucked into a
    > couple of axis drawing functions by way of OnPaint.

    > Any idea why it's so slow?

Can you post a complete script that is slow for you? If it is a
marker plot and you are using 'backend : WX', it is likely to be pretty
slow because of a problem with marker drawing that was fixed for the
*Agg backends.

Also, are you using wx or wxagg? The WXAgg backend is likely faster
and certainly will produce better output with more features.

After you come up with your test script, please run it with
--verbose-helpful and post the script and the output.