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This seems to be a cross platform bug and unrelated to fonts -- at least I am able to reproduce it on Linux.

There was a small typo in the recently added support for non-rectangular clip paths. Fixed in r3829.

(Jouni -- you may want to review this and verify that my change is correct.)


Paul Kienzle wrote:


On Mon, Sep 10, 2007 at 04:19:24PM -0400, Michael Droettboom wrote:

Can you set "pdf.compression : 0" and send me a copy of the troublesome PDF (probably best off list if it's a large file.)?

I used the following:

import pylab

See attached.

Do you know what set of fonts are getting embedded? If their not in the mpl set, it's possible they haven't been tested.

Should be the standard set, but I haven't verified.

- Paul

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