PDF bug in stable release

I have a system that creates PDF output using matplotlib/basemap, and I'm wondering if anyone can give me some information on how to work around a bug in the PDF backend.

I submitted the following bug to the mailing list:

and then to the bug tracker:

last October, _after_ the most recent stable matplotlib release.

According to those discussions, the bug has been fixed in SVN. Accordingly, I have recently tried to build matplotlib from source, but cannot use the resulting binaries, due to the problem described in the following mailing list thread and bug report:



I figure I could solve my problem one of three ways:
1) Waiting for the current SVN code to become a stable release. This would need to happen before my system goes live.
2) Patch my current code with the fix already in SVN. I would need someone to point me to the relevant files, and give me some pointers on applying the patch.
3) Getting some help with my SVN build issue.

Does anyone have any tips?