PDF and accentued characters

Lionel Roubeyrie <lroubeyrie@...1068...> writes:

Oups, sorry for the mistake, the Vera font in the resulting pdf file from
epstopdf is effectively converted to T3Font_0 Type 3.
You can have a look here:
http://www.limair.asso.fr/share/pre2.eps and

The Type 3 font is present in the eps file, so it is not created by
the conversion to pdf. Perhaps it is an artifact of the "distilling"
done by matplotlib; if you set ps.usedistiller to None, what does the
eps file look like?

Somehow the Cmr and Cmmi fonts survive as TrueType. One quick
workaround for your problem could be to turn all text into mathtext:
replace e.g. "f�vrier" by r"$\rm{f\'evrier}$" and for the yticklabels
do something like (caveat: untested code)

    for x in getp(gca(), 'yticklabels'):
        setp(x, 'text', r'$\rm{%s}$' % getp(x, 'text'))

(Or is there an easier way to select Computer Modern Roman as the


Jouni K. Sepp�nen