pcolor loglog

I have the need to make a pcolor loglog plot. Unfortunately I can't figure out how - as near as I can tell it's impossible, pcolor loglog just plain isn't supported. It seems like the ability to logify arbitrary axes would be a good idea (there's got to be *somebody* out there who wants a semilog polar projection) but I can't find it anywhere. Suggestions? Right now my best idea is to do the log transformation myself (eww) and then modify the axis legend (eww).

The following code was a vague attempt to force pcolor to use loglog scale, but it crashes with the message "Aborted" - seems like a suboptimal error message. I should point out that I'm currently using 0.72.1 since updating the corporate version would take a little work, but I haven't seen anything in the 0.73.1 docs that imply that's changed. So if it has, lemme know and I'll go get someone to update. :slight_smile:


from matplotlib import pylab

import Numeric as Numeric

import math as math

def main(argv):

     pylab.pcolor( Numeric.array( [ [ x + y for x in range(100) ] for y in range(100) ] ), shading = "flat" )