part way to log plots

I've done a partial implementation of log plots. The data is transformed and shows up, but I haven't yet implemented smart tick locations or tick labels. (And I haven't checked the auto view setting abilities.)

I don't know how others feel, but I prefer my tick labels on log plots to say "10" and "100" rather than "10^1" and "10^2", so I'd vote for this as the default behavior for matplotlib. (At least for values < 1000 or so.) I mention this because matlab seems to work the other way.

So, here's a patch to the various bits I changed, and a simple example that makes two plots.

John, you're welcome to include this in matplotlib as long as matplotlib remains under the current license.


log_plots_pt_1.patch (9.04 KB) (223 Bytes)

Hi All,

OK, I've got tick/grid positioning and labeling working now, too.

There's a strange clipping issue when a gridline should be drawn near the border of the axes -- the gridline and tick disapper, but the ticklabel remains.

It looks like matplotlib is getting quite close to log plots!


log_axes_revised.patch (9.93 KB)