Opensource Directions Podcast 12/6

Want to ask all your burning Matplotlb questions to a live person? And hear all about the future of this project. @tacaswell & @story645 will be talking about the future of the project & especially the Matplotlib Awarded CZI EOSS Grant on Quantsights Open Source Directions!

Register to join live at:

Or catch it afterwords wherever you find your favorite podcast (or youtube!)

I missed the live stream. Do you have a link to where I can watch (or listen) to a recording?

You can watch it if you click through to access the webinar:

When I click “Log in to access” I am prompted for my email and an access key. I don’t have a key because I didn’t register in time. If I then click on “I am not registered yet” I am looped back to the original page.

Sorry to keep bringing this up, but I was just really looking forward to this episode. It seems episode 28 is missing from the podcast subscription feed as well as on the youtube page. Was this episode not recorded?

Episode 28 was recorded out of order due to a reschedule from a previous time, meaning that it was recorded on December 6th. With the holidays and other ongoing projects at this time, there has been a delay in the process for editing and publishing of videos/podcasts. We are currently working on a new software for automating this process, and once that is done we will hopefully be able to streamline this everything to be much faster. Sorry about the inconvenience, we will do our best to get up to date with our posts within the next couple weeks.


just got a YouTube notification that the podcast has been uploaded on YouTube

For anyone interested, here is the link