OO inteface question.

1) It seems to me that it belongs as a figure (or canvas, I

    > suppose) method.

Yep, I agree. savefig is now a figure method. It stores a ref to
its canvas, which you can access (you probably don't need to) as


The pylab interface function savefig now forwards the call to

    > 2) Most critically, it uses the "current figure". I can see
    > where this makes sense with Matlab style interactive use,
    > but in a program, I may be building more than one figure at
    > a time, and it makes more sense to me to do something like:

Yes, managing the current state is one of the jobs of pylab. But I
don't mind tweaking a few things so you can use pylab w/o the current
state features.

    > Sorry to come off as being critical. I am very impressed
    > with your work on matplotlib. There are been many promising
    > starts to a python plotting package, and NONE of them have
    > come even close to what you've done with matplotlib. That's

No worries, I take your suggestions in the right way, as constructive
criticism. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    > I hope as I get more familiar with matplotlib, I'll start
    > to contribute code, rather than just questions and
    > criticism.

    > John, do you want patches that add-to/improve the OO
    > interface?

Yes, certainly, but these should be made with an eye to backwards
compatibility and it would be great if the changes included
documentation and/or examples, both of which are somewhat lacking for
the OO interface. Documenting what you learn, much as you did for the
OSX install, might be as helpful as any improvements in the API.