Odd linking errors from Class Diagrams to some class definitions

While navigating the documentation, clicking on some class entries in the class diagrams is taking me to the class immediately above it in the diagram. For example on matplotlib.patches — Matplotlib 3.5.1 documentation in the column starting with Annulus, the links are find down to FancyArrowPatch, but from Polygon down to Wedge the link is to the anchor for the class above. Similarly on the matplotlib.collections — Matplotlib 3.5.1 documentation page _ColleciotnWithSizes and EllipseCollection don’t appear to have links at all, but the rest of the classes in that column link to the class above.

I am using Firefox 95.0.1 on Linux Mint 20.2.

Definitely appreciate the matplotlib package and the extensive documentation.


_CollectionWithSizes doesn’t have a link because it is private. EllipseCollection does have a link.

What appears to be happening is the regions for the URLs appears to be scaled by a different factor vertically, so that every one starts just a little bit lower than it should every time, so that the final one almost appears to be half way down the text it should be linking.

I am also using Firefox 95, so not sure if it a peculiarity to it, or a general problem. However, it would be a problem in the Sphinx code that generates it, not Matplotlib itself.

I think this is a weird re-scaling thing. The images have a max-width:100% so they fit in the content width. Since they’re a little larger, they’re scaled down, but it seems that the area map is defined outside the image and so isn’t scaled down.

We can perhaps fix this by going to SVG, but that had bugs before. Also, perhaps not scaling the image, but making it scroll instead.