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I am getting a little bit confused. Have you been using SymPy and you are having difficulty getting the results to plot? If so, is that the reason why you are looking for another way to get your expressions plotted? If this is the case, then you need to take a completely different approach.

Obviously, if the Plot module in SymPy is not working, then your installation is somehow messed up and needs to be fixed. SymPy will do everything you need it to do. I suggest contacting the people on the SymPy mailing list:


and see if they can help you with the plotting issue. Be sure to tell them that you are having difficulty with importing the Plot module. Copy and paste the error message that you get so that they can help you resolve that issue.

Ben Root


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thank you for the response .I have problem using sympy libraray in python.I am unable to use plot module .I am unable to import it .what i require is given a function ,i should be able to plot it with all the axes with and origin marked.also i should be able to zoom out the graph and zoom in.Is there any such module?.This sympy is coming clsoe to my requirements an dihave started using it but ended up here.kindly reply if you know the solution.