Newbie help!

Update on the interactive mode: I found the

    > on the website and tried that rather than the
    > that was included with the .29 dist. That
    > worked. However,

    > 1. it can't find ShowOn (NameError) so I just typed show()
    > at the command prompt

I made several bug fixes that have restored
functionality. When I added support for other outputs (PS and GD) a
few bugs crept into the GTK output that I was unaware of, and tracking
down your problems made them clear to me.

I just uploaded a new file release to the sourceforge site that
reflects these changes to the GTK backend and, as well
as the new legend command. The version is 0.29.1, so you should grab
a copy and give it a try. Note you'll need the src distribution (zip
or tar.gz) to get the new examples/ file.

    > 2. and it doesn't exit using ctrl-z <enter> ; I used the
    > close box.

This one is still on the TODO list.

Hope this helps,
John Hunter