new free matplotlib based software useful for you?

My company, Resonon, is releasing our free (as in beer) software package, Spectronon. Spectronon is written in python and utilizes matplotlib, numpy, PIL, and scipy. Spectronon's main purpose is analyzing hyperspectral data (images with many more bands of color than the traditional 3: red, green, blue). It can also be useful for more traditional image processing. Perhaps of most interest here, it is a quick way to get access to a command line with a bunch of useful libraries, plotting, and image viewing. It's packaged as a basic exe installer. There is also a fairly simple plug-in architecture for extending some of Spectronon's behavior. As the main developer, I am very thankful for all the good work that gets put in to all these underlying libraries, and I hope that in getting this software out for free, it can in turn support more academic and research applications of python and its libraries. The release will also help me expose bugs, hopefully get more people interested in writing plug-ins for Spectronon, and help me learn other ways to improve the code base. While the source code is not presently open, the API is open in order to support writing plug-ins.

Here are some screenshots:

I recommend users on this list go directly to the developer docs here:

as this tutorial will step you through the aspects of Spectronon of most probable interest.

Links to the download, support forums, and more docs are available at

Thanks very much. I hope it's a fun ap for folks, and I greatly appreciate any questions, feedback, or comments as we begin to get this project off the ground.