new colormap

John, I was wondering if I have svn write access. I seem to

    > recall I had it a year or two ago, but I can't find any
    > evidence to back this up, so maybe I'm mistaken. Could you
    > check for me?

I don't see you on the devel list. A few months ago I purged everyone
who had not made a commit in a year or so and maybe you were removed
then (and posted here to this effect). In general, I don't mind
adding people and certainly welcome the relief of not having to manage
patches, but the devel list had grown to long. Why don't we manage
this submission through the existing devels, and if the patches become
fast and furious, I'm more than happy to (re)add you.

If your patch doesn't make it in within 48 hours please post here with
a complaint.