We are happy to announce that @ksunden ( Kyle Sunden ) is joining Matplotlib as a Research Software Engineer supported by the NASA ROSES grant for 3 years. Kyle will work on a mix of the data access and unit management overhaul and day-to-day maintenance and support tasks.

Kyle recently earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he developed analysis and hardware control software for experimental multidimensional spectroscopy. He is also a core developer of pyqtgraph which will improve our cross-project communication.

Please welcome Kyle to the project!


Welcome @ksunden !
I use matplotlib every day, and am slowly transitionning to pyqtgraph as the best option for plotting in PyQt. I also use and created a physical unit system in python, and am very interested in improving the unit interface of matplotlib (whose Iā€™m not completely satisfied for now). Please reach out if you want to chat about those subjects