NaN's and infs

There are some special representations that can be imported, for example

from numarray.ieeespecial import inf

However, My simulations require HEAVY array mathematics, so I dont have an
opportunity to test for exceptions.



On Monday 04 October 2004 10:38 am, you wrote:

On Monday 04 October 2004 00:58, Darren Dale wrote:
> Would somebody kindly direct me to some information on how to deal with
> dividing by zero? I am getting ValueError: math domain error, is there
> anything I can do to return an inf instead?
> Thanks,
> Darren

If you can't avoid the division by zero, you can handle the exception:

a = x/0
except ValueError:
pass # or some other outcome (a = 'inf')

as far as I know python does not have a representation for infinity. (if I
am wrong, somebody please correct me)