muiltiple curves in one grid


In an aerodynamic environment.
I need to plot multiple curves in one grid.

A standard view would be the coefficients of:
1) lift vs. angle-of-attack
2) lift vs. drag
3) pitching-moment vs. angle-of-attack
all three curves can be out of multiple data-sets (polars).

This 3 curves need to be in one grid to be able
to compare the values.
(other combinations of coefficients are also widely used
in this environment.)

Some people use eg. Tecplot for this purpose.

Basic requirements are:
- multiple curves in one grid
- multiple x-axis (lower/upper-side of grid)
- multiple y-axis (left/right-side of grid)
- adjusted grid (major/minor grid/ticks)
- some interactivity
- Environment (Python, wxPython)

- Can this be done in matplotlib?
- How? (any pointers)
- Are there other possibilities?

Thank you very much for any advice



Kurt Müller: