Mpl_point_clicker .get_positions() what format is the output?

output looks like

{'event': array([[1.67995135e+04, 6.55955229e-01],
        [1.69624105e+04, 5.81226125e-01],
        [1.70529991e+04, 4.94042171e-01],
        [1.71419628e+04, 7.68048884e-01]])}

is this a nested array? How do I convert to a regular numpy array or pandas array/
Thanks, B.

That is a dictionary, in your case it only contains one entry with the key 'event' but in general it can contain an arbitrary number of entries depending on how many classes of points you would like to label.

In your case you can get the numpy array by doing calling klicker.get_positions()['event']

(I’m assuming you are following this stack overflow answer python - Store mouse click event coordinates with matplotlib - Stack Overflow)

[SOLVED] Thanks Ianhi! I see it now, but didn’t realized you could have a dict like that ,