mpl on OS X with Python 3.1 (was Re: [matplotlib-devel] Help)

Georges Arsouze, on 2011-03-16 09:48, wrote:

I'am working with Python3.1 under Mac Os Snow Leopard
I download matplotlib with
PC204 - matplotlib Plotting Package

It doesn't work
Can you help me ?

Hi Georges,

What version of matplotlib are you trying to run? At the moment,
there isn't a "stable" release which is compatible with Python 3,
and you have to grab it from:

Not all of the backends work in -py3, mostly because the underlying toolkits
have not been ported to Python 3. You can notes about the work in
progress, what's been completed, and what's left to do here:

(Also, this is more of a matplotlib-users question, so I'm replying
to that list)



Paul Ivanov
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