mpl on AIX

matplotlib-0.87.6 works fine on AIX 5.1, with gcc 3.2.2 and python 2.5 .
I've not compiled it with GTK or TK support but the Agg backend works.

Would it be possible for a developer to modify the code to include AIX
in the supported OS list? I always have change this structure in manually:

basedir = {
    'win32' : ['win32_static',],
    'linux2' : ['/usr/local', '/usr',],
    'linux' : ['/usr/local', '/usr',],
    'cygwin' : ['/usr/local', '/usr',],
    'darwin' : ['/sw/lib/freetype2', '/sw/lib/freetype219',
                '/usr', '/sw'],
    'freebsd4' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
    'freebsd5' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
    'freebsd6' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
    'sunos5' : [os.getenv('MPLIB_BASE') or '/usr/local',],
    'gnukfreebsd5' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],
    'gnukfreebsd6' : ['/usr/local', '/usr'],

To add the entry:

    'aix5' : [/usr/local],

Thanks for making this wonderful library available!